5 Reasons Why Your Ads Don’t Work

The advertising industry is worth 38 billion. Companies spend heavily on ads to generate buzz and make more sales but very few find the kind of success that they set out to achieve.


If your online campaigns are not giving good returns then you’re not alone. The average return on online advertising is 9 percent. If you’re enjoying a lower return then start troubleshooting today.


Here are some reasons why ads don’t work:


No Sales Funnel

A sales funnel neatly illustrates the customer journey, yet 68 percent of businesses haven’t attempted to measure one.


Don’t make the mistake of starting a campaign without a sales funnel. Sales funnels don’t only make accountability easier but also allow businesses to have clear forecasts. Moreover, they make retargeting easy, which is important since 96 percent of customers who visit your site for the first time aren’t ready to make a purchase.


Targeting the Wrong Person

You’ll get no results if you don’t target the right person.


Think about baby formula. Who do you think buys it? Most parents. Know the age of the average parent and create your ad accordingly. However, that’s not the only element to pay attention to.


Your campaign should clearly define the gender, age, location, salary, and other such aspects of your target audience. In some cases, marital status, religion, and political views may also come into play.


Your Ad Doesn’t Highlight the Solution

The purpose of any product or service is to solve a problem. Yet, a large number of ads fail to hit customer pain points and only advertise a product without telling what it does or why someone needs it.


Your ad should make people want to try your solution. Show them what it’s capable of and why it’s the right fit for them.


Using Bad Visuals

When it comes to ads, visuals are as important as the written copy. They help draw attention, take less space, and are more engaging.


If your ad copy doesn’t include visuals then consider adding a video or photo. Make sure it’s relevant, of high quality, and interesting. This might sound easy but according to reports, visual and design elements is the biggest challenge for around 23.7 per cent of marketers.


Not the Right Platform

The internet allows businesses to advertise on a variety of platforms including Facebook, YouTube, and individual websites. While they all can be beneficial, not all might be right for you as it’s important to advertise on a platform that houses your target audience.


Advertising beauty products on LinkedIn, for example, may not offer good results as the platform is mainly used for hiring.


Creating compelling ads can be hard. Consider hiring professionals like us. We’ve helped several businesses get more inquiries and can help you as well.


Remember that it isn’t only about making people ‘see’ your ad, it’s about getting them interested in what you have to offer.

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