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“We are getting so many enquiries, we had to employ an office assistant to just take new enquiries and book the jobs. Love it!”



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Does This Sound Like Your Business Right Now?


  • Not Getting Enough Online Enquiries?
  • Sales Down?
  • Yellow Pages and Local Listing Not Producing Results?
  • Not Sure How To Generate Consistent Enquiries?
  • All Your Posting Efforts on FaceBook Not Working?
  • HiPages, OneFlare & SeekingServices Way Too Expensive Per Lead?
  • Giving Out Several Quotes That Don’t Result In Sales?
  • Struggling To Get An Online Presence?
  • SEO, PPC, SMM, SEM Sound Like A Foreign Language?

What Would It Mean To Your Business If You Could Get New Leads Of Qualified Ready To Buy Prospects Every Day In Your Inbox?

SECRET REVEALED! Dominate YOUR Market Share.


The Single Most Effective and Fastest Way to Grow Your Revenue is By Increasing The Number of  Leads and Traffic To Your Website.

You Can Easily Do This by Creating Multiple Lead-Generating Domains and Landing Pages.

You Will Get Leads Coming in From Highly Targeted Marketing Campaigns That Are High Quality and Ready To Purchase.

In Time You Can Increase Your Market Share By Creating Multiple Websites With Highly Targeted Landing Pages Specific To What Your Customers Are Searching For.

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Dominate Small and Win BIG!

When you don’t have the resources to be as expansive in your offerings as the big players, the alternative is to get as good as possible at a specific niche. The narrower your focus, the easier it will be for you to compete in that space.

If Your Business Has Just One Website Selling Several Products and Services, You Are Severely Limiting The Number Of Inquiries You Can Get!

For Example

WWW.MRPLUMBER.COM – Mr Plumber has one website selling several products and services

He Can Only Get Limited Enquiries Because His Website Offers Generalistic Infomation. 

If You Offer A Highly Specialized Service Like Leaking Tap Repairs, You Will Get Enquiries From A Specific Targeted Audience. 

These Enquiries Are Much More Likely To Buy. 

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If One Website Generates Say 10 Leads Per Day, How Many Leads Could 25 Websites Generate For YOU?

You Can Exponentially Grow Your Business With Multiple Websites Selling Highly Specific Products and Services.

Each website containing several landing pages with offers specifically designed to convert traffic from niche markets.

Each Website will be marketed using Google Ads, Facebook Marketing and SEO for maximum visibility and exposure.

There is no limit on how many websites you can create! 

Website # 1:  WWW.LEAKINGTAPS.COM – Targeting people typing “leaking taps” in Google

Website # 2: WWW.HOTWATERINSTALLATIONS.COM Targeting people typing “hot water installations” in Google

Website # 3: WWW.BLOCKEDDRAINS.COM – Targeting people typing “blocked drains” in Google

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Niche Target Marketing

People search for a specific solution to a specific problem.

Say someone has a leaking tap problem. They would search for “plumber near me to fix leaking taps”.

When they type these keywords in the search box, your ads along with your organically SEO optimized website www.leakingtaps.com will show up.

These prospects are much more likely to purchase your service rather than someone who lands on the generic home page of a plumbers website. 

Your Sales Funnel

When they click on your ad they will land at your landing page that is highly relevant to their search query and is designed specifically to answer your prospects questions plus encourage them to get in touch with your business.

We will address all your prospects objections in your landing pages and position your company as the best solution to their problem. The ultimate goal is to get them to get in touch with your business so you can make the sale.

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Landing Pages Specific To Each Service

Ideally, you should have a domain registered for each service.

We will create landing pages on each domain, then market each landing page so you generate maximum leads.

For example, if someone searches for “blocked drains”, they should land on a website talking all about blocked drains.

This niche targeting positions your business as a specialist in this niche and is much likely to lead to a highly qualified enquiry.

Imagine your frustration if you searched for a blocked drain specialist and landed on a page about hot water installations.

Other people feel the same way!

Lead Explosion!

Let do the sums, shall we?

1 x website generates say 25 leads per day

10 x websites generate 25 x 10 = 250 leads per day

Say you convert 5 leads (20%) into sales and each sale is worth $250

With 1 x website you get 5 x $250 = $1250 revenue

Say from the 250 leads you got from your 10 x websites, you convert 20% = 50 leads

50 leads @ $250 per sale – 50 x $250 = $12,500 in sales revenue!

Imagine you had 10- 15 -25 or even 30 websites, each consistently providing several leads Every Single Day!

How Much Revenue You That Generate For You? 

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Cheaper Than Hipages

Are you buying leads from Hipages, Oneflare,  Sseekingservices or other pay per lead platforms?

How do you think these pay per lead platforms generate their leads, which they sell to you at a High Markup?

You know this is an expensive option, especially if you don’t get sales from the quotes you provide.

It is estimated that the average business’s lead conversion rate from pay per lead platforms is between 5% and 20% – in other words for every 10 leads, only 1-3 make the purchase.

That’s because these platforms provide you with ANY leads which you have to pay for – qualified and unqualified, those ready to purchase and those that are “just getting quotes for now”.

That’s like fishing blindly! You need the right bait to catch the right fish, right?

Your own websites will provide you with leads that are highly qualified, ready to do business now and will already be aware of your business from your websites. The sales pitches in your landing pages will have moved these prospects from “seeking info” to “ready to buy”

Leave Your Competition Behind!

Imagine having consistently high quality leads coming in daily straight into your inbox!

Your competition will be scrambling for leads while you get the most qualified and ready to buy prospects contacting you!

Satisfied Clients


Leads Generated

Each New Domain We Create For You Will Have All These Features

Brand Design & Strategy

We’ll research the most sort after search queries for your niche and create domain names for them

Social Media Management

Each domain will have their own social media accounts

Audience Analytics

Each domain website will be connected to its own specific reporting dashboard with conversion tracking codes installed


Each website will run its own Local Search Engine Optimization campaign

Content Creation

Each website will have relevant content specifically created and developed after researching the keywords and trending topics 


Let us take care of all your online marketing specific to each domain website by creating targeted pay per click Google and Facebook paid advertising 

Website Development

Each domain will have a responsive website specially designed for conversions to ensure your website works hard to provide hot leads for you every single day.

Email Marketing

Each website will have its own marketing campaigns – specifically created for each segment of your buyers journey so they can move down your sales funnel

Business Lead Generation Packages

EXPLODE Your Lead Generation with a Complete ALL-In-ONE SEO Package –  You Get An SEO Optimized Website With Organic Local SEO, Google Ad Campaign, Social Media Marketing and Google Analytics Dashboard Installed & Set-up in EACH Package!

Was $$1299 SAVE $400

Was $$1899 SAVE $500

Was $$2899 SAVE $900

SEO Optimized Responsive Website

For you digital marketing package to work effectively you need to purchase a website.

Each SEO Optimized Website Includes WordPress Website, Google Analytics & Search Console Setup, Facebook, Google Ad Setup, Conversion Tracking & Facebook Pixel Codes, SEO Plugins, GBM Setup, On-Page Setup, Landing Pages for Ads, MailChimp Automation (Explode Only)

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Answers to Your Questions

I already have a website, why do I need more?

If your current website lists all your services and products, then it is too general. Each new website/landing pages will be specific to ONE service that you are selling. This will help you target a specific niche. 

How will blogs help my business?

Content marketing is a sure way to generate traffic. The more relevant your website is to a specific service, the more specific information you can put there.  Creating articles and content around the general subject of leaking taps will ensure your website also gets organic traffic, which you can add to your sales funnel for marketing. Your SEO and organic ranking will get a big boost from this specialization.

What exactly is in the package?

Each website/landing pages are designed to provide highly qualified leads to your business consistently. We will create a WordPress website after researching the keywords people are using to search for services in your industry. Each landing page comes with ongoing SEO. We will run highly targeted  Google Ads campaign and your website will have conversion tracking codes installed to track and monitor your traffic data. We will also create a FaceBook account so you get traffic from social media. Google Analytics and Search Console will also be set up so you can track every bit of data to improve your lead generating efforts. Best of all we will take care of all your digital marketing so you can get on with your business

How many websites should I have?

Ideally, you should have a domain name and website/landing build on that domain for EVERY product and service you are selling.  The more you specialize the more high quality leads you will generate.

Do I get control of my websites and all related accounts?

Of course, you do! We will give you the backend access to your website as long as you have paid your account. 

Why can’t I just add more landing pages to my current website?

Sure you can, however, a proven strategy is to be an expert in niche markets. Think of it in this manner. What’s the difference between a general practitioner (GP) and a Brain Surgeon?  Sure both are doctors however the GP is a Generalist whereas the Brain Surgeon is A Specialist. And the Brain Surgeon make 50X more money then the GP.

So each website/landing pages should target a smaller sub-niche. For example, your website leakingtaps.com would talk all about just leaking taps, promotions you have on leaking taps sales, blogs specific to leaking taps etc Your prospects will envision you as a specialist in leaking tap repairs.

What if I don’t get leads?

We will endeavour to maximize lead generating using multiple strategies which should generate traffic to your website. You will also get a monthly Google Analytics report showing just how many people have hit the websites. To increase leads we suggest increasing your Ad Spend budget

Is there a contact?

No there is no formal contact, however, we suggest running your campaign for at least 12 months as lead generating is a continuous process. Unfortunately there are no shortcuts.

What’s in the difference between the $490 website and the $2490 package?

Think of it this way: Imagine you walked into a car dealership and saw two identical cars next to each other. One has a price tag of $490 and the other $2490. You wonder why the difference and ask the salesperson to which he replies “One has an engine and the other one doesn’t”!

That’s exactly what you get when you purchase a “shell” website. There is no engine which means no SEO, conversion tracking codes etc

In the Explode package, you get a fully optimized website, Google Analytics, Search Conole, Tracking Conversions Codes, Social Media, PPC ads, etc all set up and fully managed on your behalf so you can concentrate on your sales.

Neil and his team have provided us with a comprehensive, fast and well planned digital marketing strategy that has yielded great results in terms of content, SEO, Social Media. His team are a pleasure to work with, as well as being fast to respond and adapt to the needs of your brand.


CEO, ATP Plumbing

Having been disappointed by the level of service and creativity we experienced with our original web team we were greatly impressed with Get Found Marketing and the speed with which they created our new website. We noticed a rapid increase in the level of web traffic and the number of new enquiries coming through the site improved dramatically. I have recommended Get Found Marketing to partner companies based on these results and the security of knowing they are always at the end of the phone and can be guaranteed to deliver quick results.


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