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Want More Inquiries For Your Business? Rent A Lead Generating Website From Just $6.40 per day

“We hired Neil to get more leads for our garden care business because sales were down. He suggested we invest in the Leads On Demand package. Almost immediately we started getting enquiries. I can highly recommend Neil for a no-nonsense, highly effective and useful lead generation strategy that makes a measurable difference.


DW Garden Care


Let us show how we are generating leads for our clients by creating LIVE Landing Page Generating LIVE Inquiries from customers ready to purchase right now!

We can do the same for your business!

  • No Contract – Cancel Anytime
  • Rent/Hire Your Own Lead Generating Website/Landing Pages from Just $6.40 per day
  • Add Google Ads from just $5 per day or/and Facebook/Instagram Ads from $5 per day
  • You’ll Get High-Quality Inquiries From People Ready To Buy Your Services, In Your Area.
  • Leads Are Purchased Directly From The Source – Google
  • Each Lead and Inquiry is sent directly to your inbox or mobile phone
  • Better Than Pay-Per-Lead Services! Each Lead Is YOURS ….EXCLUSIVELY…No Bidding Against Competitors!
  • The More Domains Your Rent/Hire The More Inquiries You’ll Get!
  • There’s Never Been An Easier Solution To Your Lead Generation Issue!

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Do You Have Any Of These Concerns?


  • Are Your Customers Finding Your Competitors on Google instead Of You?
  • Not Sure How To Generate Consistent Inquiries
  • Have You Had a drop is sales?
  • All Your Posting Efforts on Social Media Not Working?
  • HiPages, OneFlare & SeekingServices & Other Pay-Per-Lead Way Too Expensive?
  • Not Enough Customers Calling You?

What If..........


  • What if you had RED HOT Leads Coming Into Your Inbox EVERY DAY?
  • What If New Customers Phoned You Daily To Book Your Services?
  • Imagine Knowing That Each Inquiry Will Result In A Sale!


How Much Would That Mean In Revenue To Your Business?

A Ready-Made Solution Custom Designed To Skyrocket Your Inquiries!

Real Examples From Our Clients.

Live Ready Made Landing Page

We have created a live ready-made landing page that can be custom designed for your business’s branding.

Check Out This Live Landing Page We Did For a Local Lawnmowing Business By Clicking Here or copy/paste this into your browser


Live Advertising

Your Landing Page is plugged with live Google ads advertising 

Live Enquiries

We are receiving enquiries from customers in YOUR area ready to purchase right now and these leads could be yours!

RENTAL – Leads On Demand Monthly Prices

Keeping It Simple! 

Here’s Our Simple Strategy Formula That’s Worked Time and Time Again – In Any Industry, For Any Business! 

It Will Work For Your Business Too!


Using the AIDA principle we design your ads to attract attention and create interest


Using the AIDA principle’s 2nd stage  we design your landing pages to create desire and add a strong Call To Action


With the right targeted lead generation strategy in place, you’ll get daily leads that are highly qualified and ready to buy


Increase Your Revenue With Your Own Custom Branded Ready Made Lead-Generating Landing Pages!

If You’re Spending A Ton Of Money On Marketing, that’s Just Not Working and You’re Still Waiting For Your Phone To Ring Off The Hook, You’ll Need To See Our Proven Leads On Demand System!

Welcome To Get Found Marketing!

Hey. I’m Neil


I feel your pain! I talk to local business owners daily and nothing is more stressful and frustrating than not knowing if you have enough leads coming in daily!

It’s even worse when you know your competition is getting all your leads and customers!

There’s nothing more deflating than sitting around waiting for the phone to ring.

You know that to get more customers you need more leads- and to get more leads you need better marketing. The problem is marketing is a challenge.

I get it. That’s why I’ve developed a proven process that’s helped local business owners get a steady stream of high-quality leads and increase their revenue 8X!

How would your life be if you had 2, 3, or 8 times more leads coming through each and every week?

This lead producing landing page with a live Google ads campaign can be your today!

Simply fill out the form below with your details and we’ll get in touch to show you exactly how your phone can start ringing again.

To Your Success,


Neil Singh
Marketing Specialist

100% Satisfied Customers

“We have seen increases already in business and we jumped on board with them just a couple of months ago.  On Neil’s suggestion, we created 4 websites due to the competition in our industry and they have resulted in our leads growth by 4X ! I can only imagine where we’re going to be a year from now. Thanks, Neil”


“Neil changed my entire perspective on trying to connect with people and how to market my business. I’m no longer delivering value based on trying to generate business but deliver value based on a need for information without obligation. Neil’s advice on generating leads with lead magnets rather than price discounts proved successful in our Ads campaigns.  I no longer feel like a salesperson trying to pitch as many people as possible in order to secure a deal. I build relationships and in turn, my partner and I have created a sustainable business”


Frequently Asked Questions

How does this work?

Quite simple really.

We will develop a LIVE landing page and create a LIVE Google ads campaign custom designed to your business’s branding. You will then get real leads  – people inquiring who are ready to purchase. You can even call these leads to verify their authenticity. Every little detail will be taken care of to get live leads so all you now have to do is to rent/hire the landing page and add your Ad-Spend budget ( so Google can show the ads).

Now you don’t have to worry about creating a website, searching for a digital marketing company to run your PPC ads and you definitely don’t need to stress about finding the right SEO agency to rank your website on Google’s 1st page – we will take of all your online marketing so you can focus on looking after your customers!

All this for a fraction of a cost of hiring a digital marketing agency!


Do You Have A Lead Generating Campaign For My Industry?

We have ready-made campaigns for some industries,so please contact Neil on 0407 199 022 or fill the enquiry form and we call you back asap.

What exactly does the campaign involve?

Lead generation is the most challenging part of marketing for businesses so we created our Leads On Demand system.

To make online lead generation simpler, we created a ready-made solution for you. This is designed to save you the time and effort it requires to hire an experienced website developer and then find a reliable digital marketing agency you can trust to run your Google Ads and SEO campaign.

Each campaign is designed to provide leads for your business. We set up a Google Ads campaign specific to the services you want to promote ensuring your ads stand out from the competition and demands attention, then create highly relevant and targeted landing pages so that your website can maximize the conversions,  thereby giving you highly qualified and ready to buy leads.

Your very own 24/7 lead generating machine!

Will I get leads today?

When your campaign goes live, you’ll start getting leads almost instantly depending on your Ad Spend budget. Our aim is to get your ads visible on Google’s 1st page as soon as possible for specific search terms related to your industry.

Generally, the more you spend on Ad Spend, the more often Google shows your ads

What is the cost?

We know how difficult lead generation is, that’s why we have created an easy solution for you to get started with online advertising fast!

You’ll get an SEO optimized WordPress website/landing page complete with custom domain name (purchase required), Google ads campaign setup, Google analytics, Custom email and Facebook/Instagram ads setup. NOTE: The package does NOT include Ad – Spend ( the money you pay Google and Facebook to show your ads)

The one-off cost of each website/landing page is from $299 for the Basic pack, $599 for the Boost Pack and $799 for the Explode Pack

Look at this as an investment – your landing pages will make money for you and pay for their initial cost many times over!

Are there additional charges?

There are no additional costs – each package also includes hosting and our ads campaign management fees.

Apart from that is what you decide to pay Google and Facebook to show your ads.

If you decide to purchase SEO, there are additional monthly costs depending on the SEO package you select.

Why do I need landing pages?

Landing pages are critical when it comes to converting prospects into getting in touch with you.

Imagine you want to buy red women’s high heels. You search “red women’s high heels” in Google, see an attractive ad saying “Red Women’s High Heels Sale – 50% Off Today – only 7 pairs left” – then when you click on that ad, you are taken to a page selling yellow kids hats. You’ll think WT??? Disappointing, right?

If the landing page is not relevant to the ad nor to the search term – it will cause people to click out, leaving your website without engaging and you wasting your hard earned advertising dollars!


Do I Pay per lead?

No, we don’t sell leads and we are not a pay-per-lead service like Hipages, Seekingservices or Oneflare.

This system is better that pay-per-lead because you own the entire process from your domain, landing pages, ads campaign, analytics dashboard and the inquires you get, which are custom designed to your businesses brand!

Plus you don’t have to compete with several other businesses also competing for free quotes and sales 


What's the difference between you and pay per lead services?

The main difference is that we provide you leads directly from Google and not 3rd party wholesalers. Pay-per-lead companies buy leads from Google and onsell to you for a very high markup. Do you know that the lead you just paid $57 actually costs around $2.40?

We are not a pay per lead service so you get 100% ownership of your landing pages and inquiries. Plus you can control your advertising budget and lead magnets, which makes the advertising highly targeted, therefore giving your business the ability to attract highly qualified leads that are ready to purchase your services.

The beauty of controlling your own landing pages is that you are not competing with other bidders for 3 free quotes – all leads generated are yours- exclusively!

What's a qualified lead?

Pay per lead services sends you any leads that they attract. Most of the leads they generate are targeted at people seeking free quotes. The leads you get through your own landing pages are much more likely to purchase your services/products because they will land on landing pages custom designed to your brand  for lead conversion. 

Why seo and ppc together?

Search engine marketing (SEM) is paid advertising with almost instant results (if done right). Whereas search engine optimisation (SEO) may not give you the results as fast but it pays off well over time. They both have their place for achieving short and long-term website traffic goals.

How much should I spend on Google and/or Facebook Ads?

We suggest $5 to $150 per day for each platform  to start depending on your budget however we can research the CPC for your industry first.

Do I get an exclusive area?

We will not sell or rent the same website to another business in your industry and within your area. Plus your landing page will be custom branded to your business name. All images and content will be custom branded to your brand.

Once you sign up to our lead generation package, we will ensure your exclusivity and confidentiality.

Can I rent more than one lead generating website package?

Most definitely!

One of the fastest ways to grow your business online is to generate leads from multiple websites. 

Is there a contract?

Nop! No contract – Cancel anytime! – We do however request that before cancelling you give us 14 days notification so we can disable the campaign.

Can I run more than one campaign?

Most definitely! In fact, most of our clients that are running multiple campaigns report a significantly higher number of enquiries, which of course will result in more sales and additional revenue!

Can you guarantee sales?

No one can guarantee sales, because we don’t know what’s in the customer’s mind and if someone will call now or later. We do however guarantee you’ll see a significant increase in your website traffic. More traffic means a higher chance of people most likely to call or enquire online.

Can you work with my existing website?

No, we don’t interfere with your existing websites. 

Each of our website/landing page packages is external to your existing marketing and they are designed to generate more leads and inquiries for your business based on specific keywords.


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