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13 million Australians are logging on to Facebook each and every month! Don’t miss out on tapping into this huge market of ‘itchy to buy’ prospects, who spend like sailors on leave!

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There are more than 2.2 billion active users each month on Facebook alone. That’s 2.2 billion people who could be seeing your posts, sending you enquiries and buying your products—if you’re engaging with them on social media.

The fact is: Facebook isn’t just for socializing anymore.It’s for growing your business. But if you’re not one of those savvy business owners who is already using Facebook to your advantage, chances are you’re losing countless paying customers to the competition… and spinning your wheels with outdated advertising methods that get you little to no results.

We know most business owners don’t have the time to invest in setting up and managing social media marketing, let alone doing it the right way. That’s why we’re here to do it for you. It’s as simple as selecting how much attention you want to get online.

“Neil started managing our social media in June and we’re really pleased with the results. Our Facebook page has grown by over 1770% during this time and we now have over 6,000 followers on Instagram. We know what’s going on and we can check our dashboard at any time to view our progress and upcoming posts.”


CEO , My Incense Store


Few social media platforms offer businesses with as much flexibility and as many targeting tools as Facebook.

Not only does Facebook place 13 million Australians within your reach instantly, but it also allows you to zero in on your ideal prospects for optimum results.

Let our team show you how to run an effective Facebook ad campaign that targets prospects based on age, gender,
location, interests, what posts and pages they have “liked”, and more.

You can use this valuable data to create even more effective ad campaigns that reach your ideal customers before they even know they need you (and before the competition snatches them up).

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Frequently Asked Questions

Still Not Sure? Here are some answers to questions you may have.

Can you increase leads for my business?

We sure can. Our expertise in social media allows us to not only find your target audience, but drive them to you website or store front on a consistent basis.

Can SMM increase my awareness?

Definitely. Every day we improve the social accounts of businesses like yours and connect them with hundreds of thousands of people most likely to buy.

How much do your services cost?

No two businesses are exactly the same and our prices and process reflects that. Our services range in price from $500/month to $1,500/month, but our services are not cookie cutter. We develop and execute a unique strategy for your success.

What will you post?

Our content strategy is tailored for your target audience and your unique business. Our graphic designers create custom images for your brand and our community managers post content that either informs, entertains or inspires your target customer.

How many times do you post?

Depends on the package you purchase. Your accounts are managed on a DAILY basis with 1-3 post across all platforms.

How many followers can you get me?

Our services consistently gain several followers a month for our clients, without advertising dollars. With the right advertising budget, we are able to increase our efforts to hundreds of followers a month.

What platform should I be on?

There is no universal right answer for this question. Let’s start a conversation around your unique business and your unique needs to determine what platforms will be most effective to accomplish your goals.

Why do I need an advertising budget?

Though an advertising budget is not needed, it is highly suggested. An advertising budget allows us to quickly leverage the data that Facebook, Twitter, and Google has on your target audience, reach thousands of people, grow your following and dramatically increase your awareness and sales for a very low cost. Without advertising, this process will take months. With advertising, the process takes hours.

How long will it take before I start seeing results?

There are a ton of immediate benefits you can expect when using Get Found Marketing that include:

• Greater brand awareness
• Stronger brand loyalty
• Increased word of mouth

You can also expect a noticeable increase in lead generation and follower growth in the first 30 days.

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