CRM – Customer Relationship Management Solutions For Your Business


If You Want to Better Track & Manage Leads, and Close Deals Faster, You Need A CRM System

If you’re finding it hard to manage sales, marketing, and customer relations, maybe it’s time you upgraded to our CRM management services
$249 Setup fee for new campaigns applies. $175 (5 hours)  is an ongoing monthly charge to manage and maintain your account


Why use CRM software for your business?

Building and maintaining quality relationships with customers should remain one of the core factors for your success!

Having solid relationships with your clients is important if you want to build a stable and successful business. However, the process of honing these relationships can be quite complex.

This is where CRM systems come in. These software solutions serve as centralized databases where you can easily get information on your leads and existing customers, such as previous interactions, recent purchases, and current transactions.

By having these tools at your disposal, you can streamline and optimize your workflow when it comes to interacting with your clients

10 Reasons Why You Should Use CRM Software:

  1. More Optimized Marketing Strategies
  2. Increased Workflow Efficiency
  3. Enhanced Customer Data Analysis
  4. Better Customer Relations
  5. Easier Customer Data Access
  6. Simplified Sales Agent Performance Tracking
  7. Improved Cross-Selling and Upselling
  8. Streamlined Invoicing
  9. Unified Social Media Management
  10. You Now Have Access to Scalable CRM Solutions

We will set up and maintain your CRM System with your ZOHO CRM account: Here’s what we can do on a regular basis:-

  • Assist setting up ZOHO CRM account
  • Import your existing customer database into the CRM
  • Import leads from Mail Chimp into your CRM
  • Assign an account manager to update your leads, prospects and clients database weekly or monthly
  • Create custom email marketing templates to send to prospects
  • Create custom promotional offers to send to your existing client database
  • This database is essential to your assigned account manager if you are using our telemarketing services

NOTE: You will need a ZOHO CRM account – we can help you open your account

$249 Setup Charges Apply to all new accounts.  $175 (5 hours)  is an ongoing monthly charge to manage and maintain your account


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