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Rewarding YOU For Your Support! 

We Invite You To Join The Get Found Marketing Referral Rewards Program Where You Get Rewarded With a $100 VISA Card For Every Qualified Referral!

Simply follow these quick and easy steps:


1. Recommend

Recommend Get Found Marketing’s Leads On Demand digital marketing package to businesses that you deem would benefit from more inquiries and leads


2. Direct

Direct them to this page on our website https://www.getmoreenquiries.com/want-more-clients/

Simply have them mention YOUR name, you business name as well as your phone # and this Code: REFER50 (Don’t worry, we’ll ask who referred them)


3. Get Paid

When your reference purchases a LEADS ON DEMAND  we will inform & reward you!


Why Join?

  • Earn your organisation an additional revenue stream, without impacting on your limited resources
  • No need to manage or close sales
  • Help your customers increase leads and inquiries and improve their sales and revenue by streamlining and automating their existing digital marketing processes
  • Be perceived as a thought leader amongst your customer base by consulting and recommending Get More Enquiries’s LEADS ON DEMAND lead generation process to their marketing challenges
  • Get regular recurring income by recommending LEADS ON DEMAND

What are the Terms and Conditions?

Please refer to the Get Found Marketing’s  Referral Partner Program Agreement for full details. In short:

  • Any leads you present to us must be exclusive – i.e.: Get Found Marketing is not already engaged with the lead; nor have you provided the same lead to a competing vendor.
  • The prospect is not a Known Prospect meaning that they are not already a current customer of Get Found Marketing; nor are they currently or have previously been in discussions or negotiations for a Get Found Marketing’s package

How much can I earn per successful lead?

You’ll receive a $100 VISA pre-paid card every time someone you refer to us makes a purchase of the LEADS ON DEMAND package. There is no limit to what you can earn. SImply keep sending referrals and recommendations our way and build a great referral reward recurring income!

How do we register a lead?

Leads are to be submitted by emailing us or letting the lead know to mention your name and business name as the referrer. Provided the lead is not a Known Prospect, it will become a Qualifying Referral meaning that you will be entitled to a $100 VISA Card on the condition that a successful sale is concluded.

How do we get started?

Simply start asking your customers if they are happy with the number of leads and inquiries they are currently getting or if they would like to grow their business by increasing their leads. Then let them know about our LEADS ON DEMAND packages by mentioning this link  https://www.getmoreenquiries.com/leads-on-demand-local-business/

Please allow up to 48 hours (2 business days) for your lead to be assessed before receiving a response on whether your lead has been accepted or otherwise.

100% Satisfied Customers

“We have seen increases already in business and we jumped on board with them just a couple of months ago.  On Neil’s suggestion, we created 4 websites due to the competition in our industry and they have resulted in our leads growth by 4X ! I can only imagine where we’re going to be a year from now. Thanks, Neil”


“Neil changed my entire perspective on trying to connect with people and how to market my business. I’m no longer delivering value based on trying to generate business but deliver value based on a need for information without obligation. Neil’s advice on generating leads with lead magnets rather than price discounts proved successful in our Ads campaigns.  I no longer feel like a salesperson trying to pitch as many people as possible in order to secure a deal. I build relationships and in turn, my partner and I have created a sustainable referral network.”


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